sweetlife Festival: Beers, Bands + Babes | Concert Review

Pack your absurdly stylish backpacks and secure your flower crowns, friends, because we’re going to sweetlife Festival! I attended the all-day music + food fest over the weekend and I’ve got all the delicious deets for you below!

Before we embark, I must say this: if you ever need someone to drop what they’re doing and go to an outdoor music festival with you when it’s stupidly cold outside for mid-May and there are dark, ominous clouds threatening to literally dampen your plans, then Sharon is your girl. She’s the type of person who plans a trip Canada on a whim and jets to Disney World like it’s no big deal. So it came as no surprise to me that a mere 20 minutes after receiving my “Are you in Maryland and do you want to see The 1975 and Halsey with me tonight?” text, she said, “Yes!”

Okay, now that you know how dope my sweetlife Fest companion was, let’s go, babes!


The most important ingredient in a successful music festival is beer (second only to the actual music, of course). So the moment I passively said, “Hmm, I’m kinda thirsty…” my next thought immediately was, “BEER!” Sharon and I were happily sipping $10 Bud Light Limes moments later.

I wasn’t too keen on spending a tenner on just one beer, but that feeling fell away almost as soon as I saw these teeny tiny tents. They’re festive and covered in fruit so I decided right then and there that they are just the most adorable things to ever exist. The basic bitch inside of me screamed, “Take a pic in front of those tents! Do it! Throw up a peace sign, too!”

My inner basic bitch is apparently very demanding, so I did as she said. She suggested Sharon and I take a some questionable selfies, too, so…


With cold beers in hand, the fun finally began. Sharon and I watched Party Next Door and roamed a bit before making a necessary pit stop for more beer and parking it at the Treehouse Stage to watch the hella talented and – as it turns out – really, really, ridiculously good-looking Flume. I’ve lived off of nothing but strawberry-banana smoothies and his tune “Never Be Like You” for weeks now, so I was stoked for his performance. But, as it turns out, not quite stoked enough to wait while he sorted through his technical difficulties and potentially miss The 1975.

We nixed the Flume plans and jetted over to the main stage to catch my Manchester dudes instead.


The last time I saw The 1975 was two agonizingly long years ago in London, so I was way past excited to see them perform again. Like, the kind of excited you only see from a dad when his kid wins his first pee-wee football game. Fortunately for me, the rain washed away most of the fair-weather fans which meant that 1) there was more than enough room for me to showcase my embarrassing dance moves and 2) the pavilion – reserved for only pavilion ticket-holders – was nowhere near full. We booked it to the empty seats as soon as Matty gave the OK.


Without realizing it, I was completely overcome by how much I missed Matty’s cross-faded stage sway and the dance moves that simultaneously make him look too cool for school and incredibly keen.

Other things that made me happy about The 1975: their sax player (I am forever impressed and obsessed with him), their lights and Matty’s ensemble. I had to tweet about the latter because otherwise how else would the world know how great of a time I was having and how wonderful my life is? (P.S. Follow me on Twitter!)

Last but not least, we booked it back over to the Treehouse to watch the babely babe that is Halsey.


Shout out to Sharon for sharing her Halsey pics with me!

You know that feeling you get when you’re witnessing something one of a kind and absolutely magical? That’s the feeling I had for an entire hour as I watched Halsey strut her shit across the stage and belt out notes I can only ever wish of hitting. Suffice to say, she slayed. 10/10. A+. Would watch again.

Post Halsey, Sharon and I were absolutely beat. Who knew listening to music and drinking could be so exhausting? Not I, that’s who. After traipsing through fields of mud and empty beer cans and repeating a series of, “Wait, where did I park? Over here? No, maybe it was over there…” we found my beloved little Honda.

Finally and sadly, we made our way out of the world of gorgeous music and expensive beer that is sweetlife and back to reality.

Any comments or Qs about sweetlife Festival, babes? Let me know in the comments, or drop me a line on Twitter and Instagram! I’d love to hear from ya 💕

A special thanks to Clare at sweetgreen/BrandLink for hooking me up with passes! You’re a queen 👑


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