Hand-Dipped Vintage Vases | DIY


When it comes to DIY projects, I like to keep things simple and sweet. With just three steps, these hand-dipped vintage vases could not be any easier. Come to think of it, it would take more steps to drive to Anthropologie and buy something like these, and it would cost more, too!

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Clear glass bottles
  • Painters tape
  • Matte paint
  • Paint brush, sponge or scrap cloth

Here’s how to do it:

ONE: Prep.
Give your old bottles a good soak and scrub in soapy, hot water to get rid of any grime. My mom happened to have these pieces tucked away and was kind enough to let me have my way with them (thanks, Mom!). Once clean, let your bottles completely.


TWO: Paint.
Tape off the section you want to paint using your painters tape. To get a rough edge, tear your tape in half horizontally and apply it with the torn edge facing down (see below!). Then apply paint using your brush, sponge or piece of cloth. A sponge or cloth will give you a rustic finish, while the brush will leave you with a smoother look. Apply 2-3 coats, letting the paint dry completely in between each.



Flip your painted pieces upside down and let them dry. Then, remove the tape.


FOUR: Decorate.
Adorn your vases with a few flowers and twine, if you’re so inclined.


Et voila! These easy vases are perfect for spring and *nudge, nudge* make for an adorable for Mother’s Day gift. If you end up making these, let me know in the comments below!


P.S. Shout out to my amazing niece, Cheyenne, for acting as my photo assistant! This post wouldn’t have been possible without ya ❤


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