The One Where Rachel and I Do Grown Up Things


Interviews & moving out: two things that are incredibly stressful, require a lot of preparation and everyone dreads doing. Unfortunately, both are things that I’ve done in the past week. *Cue me crying*

While Rachel Green was interviewing for a job at Ralph Lauren, I sat in a beautifully decorated and polished design studio for an internship at SB Creative, a creative and branding company based in Baltimore. Fortunately for me I didn’t accidentally kiss my interviewer or have to decline any of her sexual advances like Rachel did – there were actually no sexual advances to speak of… I should make that clear. I did make fool of myself before my interview, though (note-to-self: do not just walk into someones office without knocking – it’s rude!). But that didn’t seem to matter too much because I – like Rachel – still managed to snag the position! You’re lookin’ at SB Creative’s newest fall intern – woop woop!

Moving out, however, was decidedly less woop-enducing.

Here’s a news flash for anyone who didn’t know: moving sucks. One of my old bosses once said something like, “Moving is a lot easier when you have an entire team of interns to help you do it all.”

She wasn’t lyin’ – it was hard work.

I spent last Sunday and Monday packing all of my junk into boxes.311623_10151619049368251_1150993603_n

That photograph of my friends and I at an Orioles game a few years back got packed up not-so-neatly in a box next to old copies of my college newspaper, my Brighton coffee mug and back issues of magazines I just can’t will myself to give up. Old books with note-ridden margins, bobble heads (my Dwight Schrute bobble head is one of my most prized possessions), half used candles, CDs, etc. – my entire life of things were thrown together haphazardly for me to make sense of later.

I spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday hauling those badly packed boxes, bags and bins to my car. Friday I cleaned every god damned surface of my apartment (like I said, yuck). That same day at 4:15 p.m., I turned in my key and could no longer call myself a Baltimore resident.

Again, *cue crying.*

Saturday I spent more time that I would have liked lugging my things up to my room in my sister’s cozy suburban home.

#blessed to have this one as a big sis!

#blessed to have this one as a big sis

Packing and unpacking all my memories and mugs (both equally fragile things, btw) was hard work, just as hard as trying to impress during my interview with SB Creative. But I’m oh-so glad I did both. Rachel and I have, once again, successfully #adulted and it feels wonderful.


P.S. Shoutout to my wonderful big sister for allowing me to continue to mooch off of her and live with her for free. You da you da best! *muah!*


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