Manhattan, Queens and everything inbetween: A weekend in NYC

When my friend Laurise got a summer internship in NYC I knew it was just a matter of time before I made my way up there for a visit.

As y’all know, I haven’t had much on my plate this summer. So a trip to New York City was just what I needed to take my mind off of how utterly and completely BORED I am. Reese had been in the city for about a month when I found myself on a cramped MegaBus on my way to visit her in Queens last weekend. We laughed, we drank, we walked (oh my god, did we walk), we subway-ed and NYC was anything but boring.

Here’s a little look into my fun-filled weekend that gave me a break from my bummer summer.

It began on Thursday where we spent a chilled evening at Reese’s apartment cooking dinner, drinking wine and dancing to tunes in the kitchen with our amazing and stylish friend Yendi. I was so unbelievably excited to reunite with them (and kind of tired from the bus trip up, tbh) that I was happy to stay in and chill out. We cooked spicy fish and green beans and sweet potatoes and it was delicious.

Friday, however, was a different story. It was go, go, go from beginning to end.

To start the day I met my study abroad friend, Lauren, for coffee at Pushcart in Chelsea. Lauren is stylish and funny and handy with a camera and I’m so happy to call her a friend. After our coffee catch up, she headed to Wall Street to meet her biz pals (clearly, she’s much cooler than me) while Reese, Yen and I tired ourselves out by walking the High Line.

From there we jetted to Coney Island for margaritas, beach time, and quality pictures in front of amazing art walls. We might have spent more time sipping drinks at the rooftop bar than on the actual beach, but, ya know, priorities…


Later we danced it up in Willamsburg at an EDM club and I might’ve had a mini photo shoot with Grace Helbig before hopping in a convertible to ride back to Queens. I knew Grace’s face was plastered on billboards around the city, but I had no idea where. As you can tell by the photo I was a wee bit excited to see her. As for the convertible ride, that was a #yolo moment that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Saturday was the day of parks.

Reese and I chilled in Central Park and I basked in the beauty of all the NATURE. NYC is certainly lacking on nature, but Central Park is obviously the exception. We walked around 5th Avenue a bit and then made our way to Brooklyn Bridge Park to meet Yen. But before BBP, we cured our intense hangriness with Shake Shack where I made friends with an employee who gifted me vouchers for my next Shake Shack visit. So, uh, thanks BK Shake Shack worker! Your generous gifts will (literally) feed my burger obsession.

Side note: shout out to my intense thigh-rub for making walking an immensely difficult task on Saturday (I love my thighs but OH MY GOD thigh-rub is a 0/10 do not recommend). By the end of the night my thighs and I were so ready to hit the hay, I all but fell asleep on the subway.

Sunday was my favorite day. Before my trip to NYC, I eagerly set up a date for some brunch yums with my my old boss at GL, Trish. As fate would have it my dearest Caitlin, another bestie from GL, was in the city on Sunday as well so we all met up for sips and bites at Penelope in Chelsea. The wait was long – like, obscenely long – but it was worth it for this delish food with delish cocktails and delish conversation. I urge you to get the salmon poached eggs and a Bellini if you visit!

After that it was Relaxation City, population us. We chilled out in Bryant Park for a good while and had nice, long chats (some of which involved post-grad talk which weren’t as nice and I freaked out ever so slightly). I needed some sweets to pep myself up, so we popped over to Magnolia Bakery in search of banana pudding and cupcakes, which we ate as I fan-girled about Rockefeller Center. I made Reese take a photo of me in front of the NBC logo because I clearly have no chill. Not pictured: me gabbing about Jimmy Fallon non-stop and hugging the building. Again, no chill.

As you can tell, I adore NYC. But I’m not so sure I could see myself living there. I definitely see the appeal: all night everything, the freedom to be exactly who you are, and the sights certainly cannot be ignored. But at the same time, I’m just not so sure if I can handle the intensity of the city.

Regardless, I spent I spent my last $3 on buy one, get one free Schamckary’s cookies and I regret absolutely nothing about it.

BTDUBS! I’ll be taking a break from blogging next week for a good ol’ fashioned family vacay. I’m excited to step away from the screens and plant my face in a book by the sea for a bit. To keep up with me in the meantime, follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr!



2 responses to “Manhattan, Queens and everything inbetween: A weekend in NYC

  1. You are so clever and funny! I laughed out loud the entire time I read this (I’m sorry in advance for stalking you <3).

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