The One Where Chandler Breaks the Bro Code


Hey cool kids/”Friends” lovers/pop culture fiends/all you other lovely humans!

With the way these episodes are turning out, I feel like I’m going to write another sadness-stained open letter to someone every week. Last week it was Ross who got under my skin (well, he actually got under my skin a bit this week too… but more on that later), and this week it’s Chandler who will have to endure my disappointment. He’s my favorite character, so I didn’t want to have to write this 😔 But he was askin’ for it, so…

An open letter to Chandler Bing,
Chandler, buddy. I haven’t been in your shoes, but I guess I can understand how having feelings for your best friend’s S/O could put you in a tough spot. But I’m disappointed.


Joey Tribbiani is your roomie. He’s your dude. Your pal. Your guy. Your bestie. Probably even your go-to beer-pong partner should the opportunity present itself. And you MADE OUT with his girlfriend behind his back – not once, but twice! I’m no expert, but I’m fairly sure that means you broke The Bro Code, and Barney Stinson is not going to be happy about this.

Unless you want to watch “Baywatch” alone for the rest of your life, you need to follow my steps:

Step 1. Forget about the girl.
Step 2. Beg for forgiveness like you’ve never begged before.

Oh, and one more thing – stop leading ladies on when you don’t actually like them! If you’re not into it, don’t say you’re into it. And definitely don’t let them handcuff you to a chair. Yeesh, you would think I wouldn’t have to warn you about that last one.

Yours Truly,

Ross’ Stupidity
This is the part where I get annoyed at Ross – again. I know that Rachel is the only gal Ross has eyes for and the storyline must reflect that, but I found it pretty disgusting that Ross considered breaking up with his then girlfriend Bonnie when she shaved her head. Partly because I myself am currently rocking a half-shaved look, but also because it’s narrow-minded and petty to not want to date someone based on a Western standard of beauty. It was a thoughtless move by the writers and producers to include that in the storyline for some kind of comic relief, and I do not approve.

The shaved look is a good look. Embrace it, Ross.

Joey’s Leading Role
Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to Joey for nabbing a starring role in a new play. The production may have received horrible reviews but at least he got back out there and landed a role that didn’t land him at the bottom of an elevator shaft (like on “Days of Our Lives”). Now he just needs to star in something that doesn’t stink more than a sweaty gym sock and all will be swell.

Things were pretty slow and unexciting in the lives of Monica, Rachel and Phoebe this week, but I have a feeling that things are about to pick back up for the ladies – and I can’t wait!

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