The One Where Rachel Finds Out, and then Ross Finds Out


On this weeks installment of PopSyd watches Friends, I LOSE. MY. MIND. over Rachel and Ross finally kissing.

But before we get to that…

Lets talk about Phoebe and Joey…

joeypheebI’m a little bummed that these two are falling by the way side. I know it’s still early on, but their storylines aren’t as substantial as the rest of the crew. So far we know that Joey’s dad has a mistress and his mom is okay with that. We also know that Pheeb has a twin and a gay but not-so-gay Canadian husband. But besides that, there’s nothing concrete in the romantic realm that’s keeping me interested in their lives, so I think I’ll be more interested in them when their storylines become more developed.

…and the beginnings of Monica and Chandler (…Conica? Mandler?)
Chandler is without a doubt my favorite character. I appreciate his sarcasm and wit because, lets face it, I too am hilariously witty and sarcastic. I love him so much that I can look past how awful his hair cut is at the beginning of season 2. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

As for Monica, I don’t have any particular feelings for or against her but I do think her storyline is the most intriguing. For a hot second she accidentally dated a high school boy (oops). She also had her credit card stolen and lost her job after receiving a great promotion. And on top of that, she constantly gets shit from her mom about her love life. I gotta respect her struggle, if nothing else.

Despite the small transgressions these two have with other people, I can see that the writers heartsof the show are already subtly weaving them together to make Conica/Mandler/whatever you wanna call them. I think having the knowledge that they’re going to date has allowed me to pick up on the nuances of their relationship, like when Chandler tries to make a marriage pact with Monica or when Monica whips Chandler into shape. I can see how someone who doesn’t know what’s coming wouldn’t notice the way the writers are slowly matching them up. My prediction is that when they finally do get together, it’ll be natural – like it was always meant to be.

Okay okay, enough with the mushy crap. Moving on.

Wait, just kidding. We have to talk about that kiss.

lipsTruth be told, I often yell at screens. If something intense, exciting, or steamy is happening in a movie or TV show, I’m usually yelping (and/or tweeting) about it. That was definitely the case when I watched this episode. It was actually my intention for “The One Where Ross Finds Out” to be my last episode for the week, but I didn’t know until the end of the episode just how perfect it would be to pause there.

But lets back track for a second. Before Ross could date anyone else, he had to get over Carol (speaking of Carol, she had Baby Ben – Ross is a dad now! Woo!). In a weird way Marcel the Monkey was a device that allowed Ross to to that, or at least do it better than he could have on his own. To think that a monkey was instrumental in making such a significant kiss happen is quite funny.

Ah, yes. The kiss. The kiss. The kiss! THE. KISS.

It was a perfectly cute mix of funny, romantic and quirky, and I think Central Perk was the best setting for it to happen. I’m currently living vicariously through it because my love life is so grim. But I’m thinkin’ Ross and Rach will take some time to actually get together. After all, he still has to break up with Julie – if he even has any intentions of doing that at all. This is a teeny bit like what happened with on New Girl between Jess and Nick (I know, I know, my millennial is showing). Jess and Nick both had to break it off with their respective significant others before they could be together. Ross better break it off with Julie or else awkward complications will ensue. I don’t think I can take any secondhand embarrassment from that tall, lanky man.

But I digress! Any thoughts, questions or hate mail?! Leave it below in the comments 🙂 Then, tune in for next week’s edition of ‘PopSyd Watches Friends’ that features the end of season 2, the beginning of season 3 and hopefully a wholeeeeeee lot of craziness.

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