The One Where I Watch Friends For the First Time


Week one, done! Fifteen episodes down, only 221 to go… woo!

I’ll be honest: I thought the first five episodes were slow. Slower than a Starbucks during rush hour. Once while I was watching, I got up to get a glass of wine (okay, more like 3 glasses) and another time I checked in on @Caitlyn_Jenner on Twitter (OBSESSED with everything about her) instead of paying attention to the show… oops.

But when it picked up momentum, I grew more interested and more attached. And did you see what I did with the title? Clever, right? I’m a real Friends watcher now!

I realized this first handful of episodes (15, to be exact) is really about establishing characters and laying down the land of everything that is amazingly and adorably Friends:

  • Rachel is the cray cray, financially unstable one who thinks with her heart (but has great hair)
  • Monica is the stable but unlucky in love girl who can’t get out from under her mother’s thumb
  • Ross is the heart-broken, slightly emotionally uneasy dude who turns to unusual animals for friendship (a monkey? Really, Ross?!), but is actually quite a nice human
  • Chandler is the sarcastic business guy who doesn’t exactly enjoy his job (and just can’t seem to escape the wonderment that is Janice)
  • Joey is the aspiring actor who is always there for dumb, comedic relief
  • Phoebe is the strange one who loves to sing sad/weird songs on her guitar… but is also fiercely loyal and funny
  • Central Perk as the most amazing coffee shop *Kanye voice* of all time *Kanye voice*.

There are a few other things I’ve picked up on as well.

The Fashion.


Rachel floats about Central Perk wearing tiny aprons, short skirts and tied-up button-ups. I adore it. I want to drop blogging and head for the nearest hipster cafe just so I can doll myself up like Rachel Green every shift. Monica has a set of style sensibilities all her own. She’s about neutrals: tan, white, black, brown, etc.,
but never looks plain. As someone who buys almost nothing but black and white clothes, I truly appreciate this. She’s a girl after my own heart… or at least the wardrobe stylist is, anyway. Mon knows how to rock platform sneakers like no body’s business, too. If put into a present day setting, Chandler could likely be mistaken for any of the dudes I’ve encountered at pop-punk shows (at least in the first episode). The backwards cap, the short-sleeved button down, the washed out jeans, the Converse – am I the only one who sees it?

The Apartment.

I get why everyone is obsessed with this apartment and why it’s so iconic. Purple paint? An entire wall of windows? Think of all the light! Oh – and all the naturally lit, beautiful selfies you could take in that apartment! Also, the exposed beams are something out of a dream. I want to move in right this second but I shudder to think how much this apartment would cost if it were to actually exist in NYC today. Yikes!

rossrachelRoss & Rachel.

The laundry room episode was adorable – I think that’s where they first really bonded, right? I’m currently living just for that episode, because of the annoying yet stupidly gorgeous insect that is Paolo. He unfortunately came into the picture during the blackout and derailed things for Ross. Thankfully he’s now gone, but Rachel and Ross aren’t together yet and I can already feel my patience waning with each episode I watch.

As for the show in general, I understand the hype so far. I understand the characters. I understand their close-knit friendships. But when do Chandler and Monica get together?! Do Phoebe or Joey every land steady partners?! Does Phoebe ever stop playing stilly songs on her guitar? Or is that one of those weirdly endearing things I’m going to put up with for the entire series?

Tune in next week when I find out more things about our hilarious friends, one episode at a time.



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