A pop-culture obsessed millennial experiments with Friends


I’ve been thinkin’ a lot about how I should spend my time this summer. Despite my efforts, I don’t have an internship or a job or any kind of structured way to spend my time. Because I don’t want to hate myself (and I’ve watched Casey Neistat’s hella motivational vlogs like it’s my job – wait, can that be my job?), I know I can’t just sit around for the next 3 months doing nothing.

I’ve thought about taking up knitting, starting a gang (a bad ass girl gang, obvi), or even going gluten-free due to sheer boredom. But I think I’ve found an even better way to soak up all my free time.

rachel-transparentAs we all know Friends was made available for streaming on Neflix at the beginning of this year, and basically everyone lost their minds over it. I know Friends is a BFD but I’ve never seen the show, so I was pretty neutral about the release.

Being the pop culture fiend that I am I know this show something I should have knowledge of in my noggin’. So this summer I will be watching the entire series of Friends from beginning to end – and blogging about it. All my thoughts, questions, concerns, qualms, etc. about Friends will be right here on my blog. Will I enrage long time fans of Friends? Probably. Is that going to stop me? Hell no!

Some Questions Someone Somewhere Will Probably Ask 

Q: How have you never seen a single episode of Friends? Do you live under a rock?
A: Okay. I’ve seen an episode or two of Friends. There was the one where Rachael is mad at Ross and then there was another where Pheobe did something quirky and funny. You know the ones I mean? Yeah me either. And no I do not live under a rock.

Q: So, you don’t know anything about Friends?
A: Because, as previously stated, I don’t live under a rock, I do know a thing or two about Friends. It’s a short list:

  • Rachel and Ross are a thing
  • Rachel has an iconic hair cut
  • Chandler and Monica are a thing too, right?
  • Monica and Rachel’s apartment is also iconic
  • Central Perk is where it’s at
  • Rachel was supposed to get married but then she didn’t
  • Monica used to be much bigger than she is
  • Joey is an actor
  • PIVOT!!!!!!!!!

I probably know all of these things due to Tumblr, so thanks David Karp.

Q: You know people have done this before, right? Like, watched Friends and then written about it.
A: Yes ma’am (or sir, or any other pronoun you’d like to go by), I do know that. But that’s not stoppin’ me. I figure my experience watching Friends for the first time will be different from someone else’s, so why the hell not?!

The Breakdownross-transparent

There are 236 episodes of Friends. There are about 15 weeks in my summer. This means I’ll be watching about 16 episodes of Friends a week for the next 15 weeks. After I watch those episodes, I’ll be posting a blog (or maybe even a vlog, oooo!) with my commentary, reactions and general thoughts about the episodes every Monday. Sunshine and fresh air? No, thank you! Streaming service and binge watching? Yes, please!

This little endeavor shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Only time will tell.

Tune in next week when a semi bat-shit crazy millennial (that’s me!) watches Friends for the first time and makes remarks about precious moments and great characters she probably has no business remarking on.

In the mean time, follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates on my Friends watching and general lolz (great shameless self-promo, right?).

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Leave ’em in the box doodad thing below!


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