Oh. Hey there. It’s Me. Yes, I’m still alive.


I’m typing this post with one hand because the other one is much too busy holding a celebratory glass of wine. By wine I mean Moscato because I am indeed a basic bitch and, although I may have just finished my senior year of college, I still have the same tastes I did when I was a freshman, apparently.

Oh, right. That’s what I’m celebrating: the end of my senior year of college. Notice that I didn’t say “I graduated college” or “I’m done with college.” Because both of those statements are false. But I’m more than okay with that. Okay. Fine. Maybe “more than okay” is a bit of an exaggeration. I’ll admit, it’s kinda unnerving to see photos across social media of most of my high school and college friends walking across the stage, posing with statues of their school mascots and hugging it out with their families in their caps and gowns. I feel a little pang of jelalousy each time I scroll by a new “I did it!!!” album on Facebook, or when see a an Instagram post riddled with celebratory emojis on my feed. I’m especially proud and impressed by my close friends and the beautiful work that they’ve done over these past four years. I’m sad to not be sharing this crazy life affirming moment with them, but I am proud nonetheless.

But lets be real here. Am I ready for the real world (a.k.a ready to cut ties with the safety net of being a student)? Hell to the NO. Seriously. The real world is scary and I can not hack it there. Luckily I don’t have to, just yet. I don’t graduate until December. As it turns out, losing a loved one, uncertainty and studying abroad can set you back a bit. Who knew? But that’s water under the bridge. Old news. And other cliches I can’t think of right now (this education has done a lot for me, clearly). So I’ve got one more semester left. Just three classes. And then I’m all done, and I’ll be the one cheesing’ it in a cap ang gown.

(Check back then for a post about how I’m REALLY, seriously, oh shit, oh my god not ready for the real world).

But for now, I’ll just say toast to the end of an amazing year full of self discovery, drinking, traveling, more drinking and countless life affirming moments. And to not being an adult just yet *raises near empty glass of Moscato* Cheers.



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