New semester, new tunes: a study playlist

image1How are ya, pal? Swell, I hope… because that would at least make one of us. I’m getting to the point in the semester where I’m just beginning to feel super “ugh” about all the work I have to do. So sometimes I’m pretty much the opposite of swell. You feel me? I’m sure you crazy busy hard-working students and real-worlders do.

Obviously with all this work, I gotta fit in a study break somewhere or else I would probably go insane. And by study break I actually mean dance party. That’s why I cooked up this playlist. A serious study sesh (and study break) would not be complete without it (coffee, tea, juice, water… or wine are recommended as well… optional, but definitely recommended).

I recently discovered the band Peace and I am OBSESSED with them. Seriously. I put two of their songs on this playlist cause I just couldn’t decide which one I liked more. Their new album came out this month and it’s a must listen (RIYL: Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles). I also fell in love with the band Shadow of Whales (RIYL: All American Rejects, Click 5, Say Anything) recently so I had no choice but to make them the playlist closer. Be sure to have a listen and keep an eye on out for more from them next month on my blog 😉

I certainly hope this playlist helps you get through the rigorous semester of classes or just a brief study break. If it doesn’t tickle your fancy, just pour yourself another glass of wine (or coffee, or tea, or jui– nah, just wine) and pray you make it through *insert praying emoji here*


Featured image by ChadCooperPhotos.


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