POPSyd Video: Ace Your Internship

Hi hi, cool kids!

So it’s school time again. *cries* And school means internships (for college students, at least). *cries more*

Internships are hella scary. Believe me, I know. Around this time last year I started my internship at Girls’ Life Magazine and I was more nervous for my first day at the office than I was for probably anything else in my life, ever.

But internships don’t have to be scary! You can start yours off on the right foot by taking a few of my tips with you on your first day. Watch on!

If you’re starting a new internship, good luck! There’s plenty of reasons to be nervous, but put them in the back of your mind. You know, with the other thoughts you try to ignore, like exercising regularly and those super embarrassing things you did in high school. (Hehehe.)

Do you have any more questions about internships that I didn’t answer in the video? Leave ’em in the comments!



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