POPSyd Video: Study Abroad Tips!

Hi there, cool kids!

I hope 2015 is treating you right so far and that you’re all doing your best to stick to your resolutions (if you’ve already broken them, that’s okay. You’re still awesome anyway).

Since I’ve been home from my semester abroad in England I’ve been gabbing about it non-stop. Everything I say is London-this and study abroad-that. I’m annoying and I know it. But I can’t help it! It just slips out. I know my friends and family are starting to wear thin on these subjects, which is what brings us to today’s post – study abroad tips/advice. Bonus awesome: it’s a video – yaaaaaaay!

Studying abroad was something that I wanted to do even before I was a college student. When I took a tour of my university and my guide mentioned study abroad, my ears instantly perked up. I knew that my secondary education could not be confined to just one continent or way or thinking, so I made it a point to work it into my college career. And it was totally, absolutely, positively 100% worth it.

Studying abroad changed me in ways that I did not know possible, and it’s an experience I will always be grateful for. But before I was able to make all those amazing memories I had to put in lots of time, planning and money (yeah, lots of money) to make this trip happen.

To aid in that planing, I took to YouTube to see if there were any videos out there on studying abroad. Of course there were, but none that I found too helpful. That’s why I’m sharing some important and helpful tips on the topic. If you’re about to study abroad or you’re seriously considering it, this video is for you.

If you have absolutely any Q’s about study abroad or travel in general, leave them in the comments and I will A them ASAP 🙂



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