English Breakfast Tea and New Years Eve

DSCN3349 copy

This morning I sipped a piping hot cup of English Breakfast tea from the mug I bought in Brighton, England.

Even though it was just your everyday English Breakfast, the taste of the tea was coated with happiness and countless fond memories of England. I traveled to quite a few places while studying abroad but Brighton was my favorite. I fell in love with that city and the brilliantly welcoming atmosphere that encases it. The day I traveled down there from London was one of the best days I had during my entire semester abroad.

Come the start of the new year I’ll be moving into a new apartment. It wouldn’t be a home without loads of photos around every corner, so a few days ago I started looking through shoe boxes full of photos from high school and college. With each DSCN3350-envelope of photos millions of memories came flooding back to me; some were lovely… but most I could have gone without seeing. Looking at a few, I even kinda cringed. Because just like my mug of English Breakfast tea, memories and feelings are also associated with all of those snapshots.

This year (these past few months, especially), I’ve grown so much from the negative, self loathing person I was into the much more positive, self assured person I am now. And while I’m thankful for the memories and the path that has lead me to where I am today, I ended up putting most of those cringe-worthy photos I sifted through right back into their respective shoe boxes (keeping my photos in shoe boxes is very adult, I know).

Instead, I’ll be choosing photos like these to hang up in my apartment…

Those are the memories I want to bring with me into the new year, and whatever path 2015 might take me down. I’ve enjoyed my recent past so much that it has me aching for the future.

Not to be cheesy, but cheers to 2015! *raises glass of alcohol that is not champagne because I’m not that classy* I hope that whatever you do when the clock strikes midnight, you have a happy and safe New Year celebration.



2 responses to “English Breakfast Tea and New Years Eve

  1. SO, good I love this, you’re so adventurous and wonderful, I hope you have a good new years eve and a good time in your new apartment next year! xx (from that girl you met at Creative Anonymous)

    • Ahh, hi! It’s so nice to hear from you! Thanks for taking the time to read my post, you are so lovely. I hope you’ve had wonderful holidays so far and that your New Years is flawless 🙂

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