Discovering London | POPSyd Studies Abroad

“So, uh, I’m in London!”

That’s a phrase I’ve said to myself and to others non stop for the past week. That’s right – I’ve had about a week to settle into my new home in London and it’s such a strange feeling to finally be in a city that I’ve dreamed about residing in about all year long.

With all this awe, I’m finding it pretty difficult to organize my thoughts. I think back to Tuesday night when my roommate and I wandered around London in search of food and found ourselves in a tiny pub drinking pints and I’m like, “Was that really only a week ago?” So for this post, I’m going for photos over words with a photo diary of what my first week in London looked like. Buckle up and enjoy the ride:

Tuesday was an intense day of travel and sightseeing.

Wednesday included more sightseeing followed by a pub outing.

I spent Thursday afternoon learning about travel and more about my new town, and by nighttime I was sipping drinks on a boat sailing down the River Thames.

Friday night hit and instead of sailing on the Thames I was soaring above it on the London Eye.

Come Saturday I was touring the BBC Broadcasting House and drinking my way through Earls Court.

On Sunday I was finding my way around the Chelsea Football Club stadium and touring historical Beatles landmarks.

In between all the madness, I made quite a few new friends and had myself a drink or two (…okay, or ten). That is until Monday, when I had to attend an actual class. Yuck.

Though it’s difficult to take in all this change, I’ve done a lot of reflecting since I arrived in London (#deepthoughts). Freshman year of college at my university back home one the first friends I made would always say to me, “Say yes to life!” when I would attempt to back out of plans. At the time I thought she was crazy for being so out there. But being in London for only a few days and soaking up all the crazy amazing activities to do and adventures to embark on, I’m realizing exactly how right she was when said that.

I can’t wait to say yes to everything London has to offer.


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