TOTD: Kids by Mikky Ekko


Photo via Mikky Ekko Facebook

Photo by Sandy Kim via Mikky Ekko Facebook

TOTD of July 2nd: Kids by Mikky Ekko

For fans of: Goldroom, Charlie XCX, The Neighbourhood

Happy July! It’s only day two of the month but it’s already been pretty busy for me. Within the past few days I have: helped my internship move into our new office (more on that in a separate post), I watched USA lose to Belgium (booo!) and even got the chance to spend time baking and sipping with a handful of my fellow interns last night. Needless to say, I’m pretty exhausted.

Even still, between all the craziness I did manage to stumble upon this song during some of my free time today. I scoped out Billboard’s Emerging Artist Chart again and decided to listen to this tune. It definitely caught my attention and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy of a listen it turned out to be. After the second listen I realized how familiar it sounded – is this song on a commercial? A movie trailer? I need to know!

More Mikky Ekko: Website. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. SoundCloud. YouTube.

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