The Never Ending: “One” EP review

Photo via The Never Ending Facebook

Photo via The Never Ending Facebook

Today, Disney gal Debby Ryan and her band The Never Ending released their appropriately titled debut EP, One, and they did so independently.

I applaud The Never Ending for going at it alone, especially since it would have been easy enough for them to take their songs to Hollywood Records and push through to Radio Disney. With that said, I’m still not all that crazy about the EP; none of the songs truly jump out and grab me. They might have released the EP without any major label assistance but they don’t seem to use that freedom to their advantage. The songs feel confined and little but too radio friendly in some respects.

Of all the songs, “Call Me Up” deserves the most praise. The lyrics are a bit grittier (“I know you like ’em long and lean and on the edge of 17″) than the rest of the EP but her voice is lacking that grit. On this track, I don’t wanna hear a pretty and perfect voice, I want to hear her get all kinds of pissed off.

But I digress.

If you’re a Nick Santino fan, you’ll be excited to know that Nick actually co-wrote with The Never Ending for the EP. I can definitely tell that Nick had a hand in crafting some of these songs. I’m not sure exactly which tracks he contributed to, but if I had to guess I would say “Mullohand Drive” and “Before I Go Upstairs” as those songs feel the most Nick.

My final verdict: One with worthy of a listen, but I won’t be spinning it in my car this summer.

More of The Never Ending: Facebook. Twitter.


2 responses to “The Never Ending: “One” EP review

  1. Oh my, I think “One” deserves so much positive reviews than this. It’s stuck in my brain and I’m truly not even a fan of Debby’s, I don’t even like her, but after I listened to it I could say it was the best EP I have ever heard. After a while I noticed I was crazy for this album and the thing I liked was not Debby’s voice, it was the style of music, not only country rock, it is so enchanting especially in “When the Dark Falls”. You have to give it a chance CERTAINLY, you are 100% NOT gonna regret. A

    • I see where you’re coming from! I think it really cool that you weren’t a fan of Debby to begin with but ended up loving some of her music, too. I definitely agree with you that “When the Dark Falls” has a mystical, enchanting vibe. You’re definitely right about that one! Like I said, I do think the album is worthy of a listen and it pretty good for their first release, but it just didn’t reel me in like I hoped it would.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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