#TuneoftheDay: XO (cover) by John Mayer


Photo via John Mayer Facebook

Photo via John Mayer Facebook

#TOTD of June 18th: XO (cover) by John Mayer

For fans of: Beyonce, Jason Mraz, Andrew Belle

I have been in love with John Mayer’s music for years (I used to listen to Room for Squares religiously to and from school during my senior year of high school), and his unique cover of Beyonce’s “XO” only intensifies the feelings I have for his music.

Though this song obviously does not need any improving (who could improve on Beyonce, really?), John twisted and turned it to make it completely his own. It honestly sounds like it could from his most recent album Paradise Valley. He has infused it with the same melancholy and cleverness that exists within his own songs without changing a single lyric, only the instruments.

I really love Haim’s cover of this song, but I have to admit that I think John’s is better.

More John Mayer: Website. Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr. YouTube.


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