#TuneoftheDay: Surround You by Echosmith


Photo via Echosmith Facebook

Photo via Echosmith Facebook

#TOTD of June 17th: Surround You by Echosmith

For fans of: We Are The In Crowd, The Neighbourhood, Smallpools

To be honest, I’m a little bit disappointed in myself that I let this band slip completely under my radar. The more I listen to Echosmith, the more I love them.

Randomly, “Surround You” was the first song I decided to listen to on the band’s debut album (Talking Dreams) and it just so happens to be a single. I could not be more pleased that they decided to push this song to the forefront of listener’s attention because it is seriously dreamy. Sydney (perf name, right?) and her sibling’s vocals blend together beautifully and I mean, come on, these kids are ridculiously good looking, too (not that that adds to their musical talent… but I just needed to point it out).

If you’re going to Warped Tour this year, then you have the exciting opportunity to see Echosmith in action, as they’ll be playing the pseudo summer camp all summer long. Lucky you! I’m still unsure if I’ll be attending the fest or not, but I will definitely be catching their set if I do go.

More Echosmith: Website. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube.


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