#TuneoftheDay: Creatures by Shannon Saunders


Photo via Shannon Saunders' Facebook

Photo via Shannon Saunders’ Facebook

#TOTD of June 11th: Creatures by Shannon Saunders

For fans of: Gabrielle Aplin, Orla Gartland, Josh Record

This post is kind of a double whammy. Not only do I want to highlight Shannon Saunders, but I also want to talk about the new series, Shed Sessions, that Jack and Finn Harries have brought to their YouTube channel, JacksGap.

Shannon just recently signed her first record deal and after I watched this video it was so easy to understand why. In episode 1 of the Shed Sessions, Shannon performs her song “Creatures.” Not only is her guitar playing super impressive (like seriously, how does she do that? Teach me, Shannon.), but her voice is one of a kind. She’s so unique that I had a hard time coming up with artists to put in the “For fans of” section of this post.

Now not only is Shannon a wonderful performer, but I love the idea behind this new series that Jack and Finn introduced. They seem to be moving the focus of their video content away from themselves and placing the attention elsewhere. I noticed this too in their Rickshaw Run series. While The Rickshaw Run series was centered around their adventures in India, the twins and their friends/filmmakers were actually traveling to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. With the Shed Sessions, the pair have again directed the attention elsewhere by placing the spotlight on a talented musician, Shannon. I’m definitely looking forward to what musicians they put the spotlight on next.

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