#TuneoftheDay: Right Round by the Treblemakers



#TOTD of June 5th: Right Round by the Treblemakers

For fans of: Anna Kendrick, Pentatonix, Glee

Today’s TOTD is purely to express my excitement for Pitch Perfect 2. Here’s a totally coherent list as to why:

  • Skylar Astin’s face. Like, seriously. It’s ridiculous.
  • Anna Kendrick’s super sassy and charming character, Beca
  • Hailee Steinfeld being added to the cast as a Barden Bella
  • (also her wardrobe is quirky and very Zooey Deschanel from what I’ve seen from on-set photos!)
  • Amazing production, once again, from Elizabeth Banks
  • Rebel Wilson’s second-hand embarrassment inducing yet completely relatable comedy
  • Oh yeah, Anna Kendrick…
  • More awesome covers to look forward to (just like the one posted above – woah, look at that segue!)
  • Skylar’s voice
  • Adam Devine’s return as Bumper, the most lovable leather jacket wearing d-bag there ever was
  • More bad ass minor characters like Treblemaker Benji and Barden Bella Stacie
  • Another glorious soundtrack to jam out to constantly (constantly)
  • Did I mention Anna Kenrick yet?

I think it’s about time I went and rewatched Pitch Perfect… Now I know how I’m spending my Thursday night.



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