#TuneoftheDay: My Audacity by Claire


Photo via Claire Facebook

Photo via Claire Facebook

#TOTD of June 4th: My Audacity by Claire

For fans of: Banks, Sam Smith, London Grammar

Every now and then I come across an artist or a band that really stuns me with their talent. Claire is one of those bands (yep, Claire is the full band name). But then I’ll check out their social media accounts and I’m even more stunned by the lack of followers they have. That was definitely the case when I first discovered this band.

Claire is a band that hails from Munich, Germany. The musicians that comprise the band got together one day in 2012 to collaborate on a film project but what occurred in the studio ignited a flame that went far past the film project and lead to the creation of their album The Great Escape. The band has an almost relentless touring schedule in store this summer, playing multiple festivals each month, so it’s clear that the flame has not since gone out some two years later. “My Audacity” is the third single from that album (previous singles include “Broken Promise Land” and “Games”) which mixes indie and electronic vibes that fans of Banks and Passion Pit will be drawn to and more than likely fall in love with. Once you give Claire a listen, you’ll understand why I’m so shocked the band barely has more than 2,000 followers on Twtter.

With summer bonfires and pool parties unexpectedly popping up over the next few months, I’ve already added Claire to my Officially Unofficial Summer 2k14 Playlist. I have a feeling that you’ll be adding any one of their tunes to your playlist very soon, too!

Want more Claire? Website. Faceboook. SoundcloudYouTubeTwitter. Instagram.


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