#TuneoftheDay: From the Backseat by Lucy Hale


Photo via Lucy Hale Facebook

Photo via Lucy Hale Facebook

#TOTD of June 3rd: From the Backseat by Lucy Hale

For fans of: Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Megan & Liz

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Lucy Hale’s debut album Road Between for GirlsLife.com. Since my first listen, I’ve played it through over and over and over and over again in my car. At one point I had to actually take it out of my CD player because I was afraid that I would over play it. Which I want to avoid at all costs.

Clearly, I love the album. I don’t just like a few songs here and there, I actually love every song on the CD (which is rare for me). That made it very difficult for me to choose just one track to feature as today’s tune, but somehow I managed to do it. I was thoughtfully deciding between “Kiss Me” and “From the Backseat,” and of course I chose the latter.

It’s the lyrics that really pull me in each time I listen to this song. They create an easy to follow narrative from start to finish, especially since Lucy starts and ends with the same verse. Even though Lucy didn’t pen the lyrics herself, the authenticity of her voice really personalizes it. It’s probably cliche to love the chorus, but the lyrics are just too good:

You can see for miles
You can reach the dials
Sit back and smile from the front seat
You can chase the sun
You can feel the hum of the axles underneath your feet
When you’re sittin’ shotgun,
You’re sittin’ pretty and free
But you learn to love from the backseat

Psssst! Check my complete review of Lucy’s album over at GirlsLife.com!

More Lucy: AlbumWebsite. Facebook. Twitter. Vevo. Instagram


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