#TuneoftheDay: Light Me Up by Birdy



Photo via Birdy Facebook

#TOTD of June 2nd: Light Me Up by Birdy

For fans of: Florence and the Machine, Ed Sheeran, Paramore

I posted a Birdy tune a few months back, but because her new album The Fire Within drops tomorrow, June 3, I wanted to check back in with the talented gal to showcase another one of her songs.

Having listened to Birdy’s album through several times, I noticed that themes of illumination and light carry throughout each song. That’s probably obvious by just by the album title; even the song “Light Me Up” has the motif as well. This tune was released last fall in the UK, but it’s probably brand spankin’ new to any US listeners.

“Light Me Up” has a liveliness that the other songs on the album lack. We’re eased into the song by Birdy’s delicate vocals and a steady drum beat but then the song launches into something entirely different. It’s high energetic without being over the top. The gospel choir even reminds me of Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun.” Her lyrics speak of needing someone to pick us back up when we fall which I think is relevant for us all.

Psssst! Check out all my thoughts on Birdy’s new album The Fire Within at GirlsLife.com and then go pick up Birdy’s album when it’s released tomorrow!

More Birdy: Website. Facebook. YouTube. Twitter.


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