#TuneoftueDay: New At This by Megan & Liz



#TOTD of May 31st: New At This by Megan & Liz

For fans of: Lucy Hale, Taylor Swift, Cimorelli

Megan & Liz’s YouTube covers are what first made me fall for their talent in 2009, and I’ve kept up with their career ever since. Now in just three days the singing sisters will release their Simple Life EP.

M&L’s previous original songs have been pop fueled, like “Release You” from 2013 as well as the 2012 single “Bad For Me.” Both songs also had electronic influences. But the first single from the Simple Life EP“New At This,” dips back into the country roots they’ve previously explored (“Like I Would” and “Back Home”).

The lyrics go hand in hand with the Phillip Phillips song I posted yesterday; the twins speak about what it means to be 21-years-old. They’re even a little bit feisty: “Don’t take a smile as anything more than good manners/You can buy me a drink/But that don’t mean I’ll lower my standards.” The girls seem completely sure of themselves in an I’m-not-sure-of-myself-at-all way, and I dig that.

Get more Megan & Liz: Website. Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. Instagram.


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