#TuneoftheDay: Stay With Me (Sam Smith cover) by Hannah Trigwell



#TOTD of May 29th: Stay With Me (Sam Smith cover) by Hannah Trigwell

For fans of: Oh, Honey!, Ingrid Michaelson, Boyce Avenue

I need to start this post by saying that Hannah’s eyebrow game is incredibly strong. The girl looks fine, fresh and fierce.

That aside, her cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” that she posted just last week on May 21 is also what I would consider fine, fresh and fierce. Hannah is an artist that I’ve newly discovered, which is why I first watched one of her cover and I was definitely not disappointed.

In her rendition she brings in an acoustic guitar and gives the song an extended intro. Her voice doesn’t bend in quite the same way as Sam Smith’s voice does, but she has a talent that’s all her own that kept me wanting more.

Hannah also recently released the video for her original song “Hurricane.” Watch it here!

More Hannah: Website. YouTube. Facebook. TwitterInstagram.


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