#TuneoftheDay: Enemy Fire by Bea Miller


Photo via Bea Miller Facebook

Photo via Bea Miller Facebook

#TOTD of May 27th: Enemy Fire by Bea Miller

For fans of: Tonight Alive, Echosmith, Melanie Martinez

I am a big fan of Bea Miller. Like, huge. If Bea Miller were One Direction I would be one of those fans in the crowd holding up a sign that says, “I LUV U BEA.” It would be written with puffy paint.

Why do I love Bea, you ask? This girl, a former X-Factor USA contestant, is a well of fierce attitude, talent and defiance all rolled into a tiny platinum blonde package decorated with intense eyeliner. And she’s only 15 years old – I dig it.

I also dig the song “Enemy Fire” from her Young Blood EP. This track showcases all the fierce attitude I mentioned before. A steady guitar kicks off the song and carries throughout giving it the feeling of a soldiers marching. Bea sings with conviction and ferocity, and when the bridge hits she really shows just how far her voice can go.

Besides her obvious talent, Bea also seems incredibly down to earth (at least that’s what I gather from her YouTube videos). In a world polluted with cutesy girls who don’t have more than an ounce of musical talent in their bodies (I’m lookin’ at you Selena Gomez and Bella Thorne), Bea is a necessary breath of fresh air.

More Bea Miller: WebsiteFacebook. YouTube. Twitter. Instagram.


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