#TuneoftheDay: Sing by Ed Sheeran


Photo via Ed Sheeran Facebook

Photo via Ed Sheeran Facebook

#TOTD of April 8th: Sing by Ed Sheeran

For fans of: Pharrell, The Fray, The Script

Ed Sheeran is the man. If you disagree, then I’m gonna need you to clean out your ear holes and then listen to the brand new song “Sing” he released yesterday. Ed obviously knew that yesterday was my birthday, which is why he premiered the song then, of course.

…While I wish that was the case, it’s most definitely not (whomp, whomp, whomp). But “Sing” is still an amazing tune. It’s very easy to hear that Ed’s live show has a great influence on the kind of music he makes, and it’s obvious he was conscious of what this song would sound like being sung back to him in an arena by thousands of fans. And if you haven’t already heard, it was produced by none other than the hit-making machine, Pharrell. I love that differentiating between what parts of the song are Ed’s and what parts Pharrell influenced is a simple task. Pharrell’s touch is not overwhelming or even underwhelming, it’s presence just guides the song.

Side note, I think I even detect a little bit of a Justin Timberlake vibe to this song and that’ something I’m very (VERY) into.

Besides whether or not the song is good or bad (it’s good, obvi), I’m just so excited to finally hear to new material from Ed after listening to “+” for the past two years or so. Thankfully, it’s won’t be long until Ed will release his new album, “x,” or “multiply,” worldwide on June 23. And if this song is any sign of the direction of “x,” then I’m sure the CD will be tucked safely in the disc drive of my Honda all summer long. Based on the eclectic mix of sounds found on “+,” Ed’s sophomore album could go either way, but I have high hopes.

More Ed: Website. Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. Instagram.


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