#TuneoftheDay: Magic (cover) by Ryan Beatty


Photo via Ryan Beatty Instagram

Photo via Ryan Beatty Instagram

#TOTD of April 6th: Magic (cover) by Ryan Beatty

For fans of: Jason Mraz, Gavin Degraw, Emblem3

“Magic” is already a dreamy, relaxing song to begin with, but Ryan Beatty adds another layer to the song and somehow manages to actually improves upon it. And it’s really difficult to improve on a Coldplay song because, come on, it’s Coldplay. I just really love that Ryan’s voice isn’t a cookie cutter teen pop star voice, and the same could be said for his songs in general. They’re original and definitely eclectic compared to like Austin Mahone or Cody Simpson. Really, I just love that I’m not getting a Justin Bieber vibe from his songs… because that’s kinda what I thought Ryan would sound like (I judged a book by its cover, whoops).

More Ryan Beatty: Website. Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. Instagram.


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