#TuneoftheDay: Oh, What a Life by American Authors


Photo via American Authors' Facebook

Photo via American Authors’ Facebook

#TOTD of April 3rd:  Oh, What a Life by American Authors

For fans of: Walk the Moon, Smallpools, You Me At Six

“We laughed and we cried and thought, oh, what a life.”

I have been striving a little each day to make my life worthy of marveling at but in my own terms, not in anyone else’s. Wowza, that sounds cheesy typed out but I guess that doesn’t make it any less true. I think if I’m able to  remark, “Oh, what a life,” when I think back over the things I have done, then I’m probably following through on what I set out to do.

On a side note, I almost feel as if I should be singing this song in an Irish pub – beer in hand, friends in tow. Does anyone else get that feeling from it?

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