#TuneoftheDay: Forever Until Tomorrow by MKTO


Photo via MKTO Facebook

Photo via MKTO Facebook

#TOTD of April 1st: Forever Until Tomorrow by MKTO

For fans of: Emblem3, Shwayze, Gavin Degraw

Happy April Fools Day, cool kids! Sorry to be boring but I don’t have any fancy April Fools tricks up my sleeves today. BUT, today is the release of MKTO’s debut self titled album, so Happy MKTO Day, too!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard MKTO’s single “Classic.” But what you might not know is a few interesting things I discovered yesterday. Malcolm from MKTO played Walt on LOST and  Tony played alongside Demi Lovato on the short-lived Disney Channel mini series As The Bell Rings. Hopefully I’m not the only one who finds that interesting. It also hit me that MKTO stands for Malcom and Tony’s initials… (I know it’s sad that I just now realized this…. I’m smarter than this posts makes me seem, okay?) Anyway, this was a lot of information to deal with on a Monday morning so I may or may not have sat down for a few minutes just to digest all the information I had discovered.

Now I guess I should get to todays tune, shouldn’t I? Naturally it’s from MKTO’s debut album and while I think “Classic” is the best track out of them all, I wanted to showcase the tune “Forever Until Tomorrow.” Overall, I think the album could be much stronger lyrically but this song does a great job of showcasing Tony and Malcolm’s vocal abilities and jeez… Tony just sounds really amazing in this song. I think I might be obsessed with his voice – just a little.

More MKTO: Website. Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. Instagram.


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