#TuneoftheDay: XO (cover) by Haim


Photo via Haim Facebook

Photo via Haim Facebook

#TOTD of March 31st: XO (cover) by Haim

For fans of: Chvrches, Foals, The Neighborhood

If you’re not listening to Haim yet then 1. Why the hell not? and 2. How dare you. It’s imperative to your survival as a human being that you begin listening to the sweet, sassy, bad ass rocker-chick sounds of Haim right away. I promise you won’t regret it. Look, I’ve even made it easy for you by bringing you this Beyonce cover they performed in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge in February.

Haim changes up the arrangement of “XO” and puts a very Haim-esque spin on it, but the original integrity of the song is still in tact. Without a doubt, they did Beyonce justice.

The band played a slew of festivals in 2013 and will be hitting up plenty of festivals once again this festival season. The ladies will perform at Coachella in April, Big Guava Festival in Florida in May and a sprinkling of festivals in Europe come June and July including Longitude Festival in Ireland and Latitude Festival in England.

More Haim: Website. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Soundcloud. Tumblr.


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