#TuneoftheDay: 19 You + Me by Dan + Shay


Photo via Dan + Shay Facebook

Photo via Dan + Shay Facebook

#TOTD of March 29th: 19 You + Me by Dan + Shay

For fans of: Hunter Hayes, Florida Georgia Line, Cassadee Pope

I don’t know a ton about country music. But I know enough about music in general to know that there are mainstream artists and lesser known, underground artists within every genre. I get the feeling that Dan + Shay are part of the former group of country artists and if they’re not, they’re definitely on their way there.

“19 You + Me” is catchy, clever and I will definitely be playing it in my car with the windows down this spring (that is, whenever Mother Nature decides that it’s actually spring in Maryland and not a strange mixture of fall and bitterly cold winter).

I do have an issue with the video for this song, though. While it’s a sweet concept and very well composed (albeit predictable), I think the female lead is very plain. I understand that the girl in the song is meant to be “California beautiful” but have you seen the eclectic mix of humans that make up California, Dan + Shay? I think you could have been a little more original than a tall, leggy, thin blonde haired girl.

More Dan + Shay: Website. Facebook. YouTubeTwitter. Instagram.


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