#TuneoftheDay: Blonde (acoustic) by Bridgit Mendler


Photo via Bridgit Mendler Facebook

Photo via Bridgit Mendler Facebook

#TOTD of March 22nd: Blonde (acoustic) by Bridgit Mendler

For fans of: Demi Lovato, Megan & Liz, Fifth Harmony, Becky G

If you follow me on Twitter (which you should cause I’m pretty funny, at least I think…) then you’ll know that I tweeted a link to this acoustic rendition of “Blonde” by Bridgit Mendler yesterday.

I know that some people believe that Disney or Nickelodeon musicians carry less weight in the world of music because of the company that hosts their music. And I believe that too… but only to a certain extent. I think it’s unfair to make a generalized statement about all of those artists because while yes, some of them are essentially just products of the Disney or Nick machine, there are still plenty of artists among them who have real talent and are worthy of recognition from the music world.

This is the case with Bridgit. It doesn’t really matter to me if Bridgit wrote her own lyrics (as it turns out, she had a hand in co-writing all the songs on her album – even the bonus tracks), because what I love about her debut album “Hello My Name Is…” is that it shows off her soulful yet energetic pipes. And when you have killer pipes, there’s really no stopping you.

So, songwriting skills – check. Amazing voice – check. Sassy attitude (see video above)- check. I guess that pretty much proves my point about the danger of putting blanket statements on Disney and Nick kids, doesn’t it?

More Bridgit: Website. Facebook. YouTube.  Twitter. Instagram.


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