#TuneoftheDay: Taken by Young Summer


Photo by Jess Moore via Young Summer Facebook

Photo by Jess Moore via Young Summer Facebook

#TOTD of March 20th: Taken by Young Summer

For fans of: Lana Del Rey, Lorde, We the Committee

“I’m one heartbeat away from missing you again…”

With a uniquely soulful and eerie voice, I really can’t comprehend why Young Summer is not bigger than she is. On top of her amazing pipes, her cover of  “Don’t You Want Me” is featured on an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” so I just assumed she would have much more than just 1,400 Twitter followers.

Her voice reminds me of Lorde (with just a little more spook to it), which is what drew me toward her in the first place. The synth in “Taken” is a sound that I’ve been really digging lately (if you couldn’t tell by my other TOTDs…) and I can hear this song fitting in perfectly on the “Drive” soundtrack. One a completely unrelated side note: I think it would be really cool to hear Paramore cover this song. Yes, no, maybe so?

I love her tune “Waves That Rolled You Under” too. I almost made that song today’s tune but then decided on “Taken” instead.

More Young Summer: WebsiteFacebook. Soundcloud.  Twitter. Instagram. YouTube.


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