#TuneoftheDay: Pieces by Andrew Belle


Photo via Andrew Belle Facebook

Photo via Andrew Belle Facebook

#TOTD of March 18th: Pieces by Andrew Belle

For fans of: Coldplay, Matt Nathanson, The Paper Kites, Hudson Taylor

I had a gut feeling as soon as I pressed play on Andrew Belle’s album “Black Bear” that I was going to really connect with it, maybe even fall in love with it. I was right about both of those.

The album has an entirely natural, relaxing feeling and from the very first track I felt like I was floating. The fact that I can listen to Andrew while scrolling through Tumblr or while writing (like I was while working on this post, of course) is something special. Most of the time music distracts me while I’m trying to write or read, but Andrew’s tunes have obviously tapped into a special part of my brain that allows my attention span to exceed that of a house fly.

From “Black Bear,” one track I love slightly more than the others was “Pieces.” The lyrics are wonderful, but the accompanying video is what really pushed me to make it todays tune. In the video, you can see that Andrew is not physically weaved into the narrative of the couple. And despite that he’s still connected to their world by the spotlight (which acts as a sun) and the projection of trees, leaves, etc. onto his body. Pretty damn clever, if you ask me.

Andrew will perform at the Firefly Festival this June in Dover, Del. So if you’re lucky enough to attend the festival, do yourself (and me) a favor and check out his set.

More Andrew: Website. Facebook. YouTube. Twitter.


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