Tote Mag: Catherine Powell & YouTubers

Hiya, everyone!

While POPSyd is my home base for talking about all the things pop culture (mostly music, lets be real), I also contribute to other news outlets as well.

Most importantly, I am a contributing writer for Tote Magazine and in the March issue of the mag, out today, I wrote 2 articles. The first piece I wrote on 3 of my favorite YouTubers: Louise Pentland of SprinkleofGlitter, Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen and Hannah Witton of… well, she’s just Hannah Witton. You can read that article on pages 12-15 of the mag.

I also wrote a feature on NKD Mag founder, photographer and college student Catherine Powell. I have admired Catherine’s photography for a few years, so to get to write an article on her was a pretty cool thing for me. You can read that on pages 26-27.

In addition to Tote Mag, I also intern for Girls Life Magazine. At GL, I get to write a ton of pieces for online. Here are a few things I have done recently:

I also write a weekly column for my university’s newspaper, The Towerlight. You can go here to read some of them if you’d like.

Mostly, I just wanted to inform those of you who read my blog about the other journalistic endeavors that I’m involved in.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Syd


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