#TuneoftheDay: Young Hearts by Strange Talk


Photo via Strange Hearts official website

Photo via Strange Talk official website

#TOTD of February 20th: Young Hearts by Strange Talk

For fans of: Young Empires, White Arrows, Bleachers

There’s nothing I want to do more when I listen to “Young Hearts” than sing along at the top of my lungs. I’ve been known to do this in my car in a middle of a busy highway to pass the time. I get a lot of strange looks from nearby drivers, as you can imagine.

These lyrics are my favorite:

We’re young hearts
Look at us go
All we really need is a stereo
We’re young hearts 
Look at us go
There’s no stopping us we will carry on

Remember all the memories
And every little fantasy
Careless of our destiny, destiny

We don’t have the time to sleep
There’s every possibility
We’ll be a part of history, history

Strange Talk’s debut album “Cast Away” will be released in April, which you can preorder right here!


2 responses to “#TuneoftheDay: Young Hearts by Strange Talk

    • I actually hadn’t seen the music video before – just watched it! It was definitely eerie, to say the least. I really enjoyed the focus on the ensemble cast of teens, though (who I’m assuming are meant to be the “young hearts”); the acting was really good too. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! They’re a band who definitely deserve more attention.

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