#TuneoftheDay: Drunken Hearts by Wallpaper.



Photo via Wallpaper. Facebook

#TOTD of February 12th: Drunken Hearts by Wallpaper.

For fans of: Chiddy Bang, Hoodie Allen, Asher Roth

Now I know when I say “For fans of Asher Roth” it probably doesn’t sound very inciting, but you’ll love this song the same way you loved “College” when it was at the top of the charts. Or just ignore the Asher Roth part all together if you don’t like him, that works too.

After a few listens, I think this song could fit really nicely on a movie soundtrack. And then I realized it’s being used in the trailer for That Awkward Moment… awkward. But this song seems like a perfect fit for that movie so props to the soundtrack-y people on that movie. You’re very smart.

Coincidently, this song is also a perfect fit when you’re blogging about love songs for a month. So, enjoy!


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