#TuneoftheDay: Love Me Do by The Beatles



#TOTD of February 11th: Love Me Do by The Beatles

I wasn’t one of those kids who grew up listening to The Beatles records all the time, or had parents who were constantly raving about how wonderful they were. Sure, my mom loves The Beatles but I don’t recall her talking about them day in and day out. I kinda wish my parents were gabbing about the band all the time, though. At least then I’d be a bit more educated on the band than I am now.

Of course I have heard songs like “Hey Jude” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand” all my life, but my first real interaction with The Beatles music was when I saw Across The Universe in 2007. Despite changes in my music taste, the soundtrack to that film has always stayed on my iPod. But it’s taken me years to transition to listening to the actual songs by The Beatles.

For today’s TOTD I thought, “Who writes a better love song than The Beatles?” Even with my limited knowledge of the band’s expansive history and discography, I still know that the answer is, “No one.”


I want to hear your thoughts!

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