#TuneoftheDay: She’s Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer



#TOTD of February 8th: She’s Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer

For fans of: All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, We Are the In Crowd

5 Seconds of Summer are back with a new song – raise your hand if you’re as thrilled as I am!

I’m absolutely in love with this new tune. You can tell that the guys worked hard to clean up their sound and make sure everything was just the way they wanted it. Those gang vocals are such a powerful way to kick off the song, too. And it’s now #1 in 39 countries, not too shabby right?

Recently, the 5SOS boys announced that they would be releasing their debut album on their own record label in partnership with Capitol Records. They’ve always been heavily involved with their fans, so they let fans pick the name of the label. There were some goofy names to choose from and in the end the fans selected Hi or Hey Records. It’s so exciting to know that 5SOS will be able to release the music they’ve worked so hard on the way they want to release it with this label.

Of course, it fits perfectly in with the theme of love this month and the cheeky lyrics are a definite bonus.


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