#TuneoftheDay: In A Perfect World by The Sam Chase


Photo via The Sam Chase

Photo via The Sam Chase Facebook

#TOTD of January 15th: In A Perfect World by The Sam Chase

For fans of: Phillip Phillips, Milo Greene, Freelance Whales

“In A Perfect World” is a very easy song to love. It’s an exhilarating mix of relaxing and motivating, so I simultaneously want to take a nap and embark on an adventure when I listen to it. Not to sound like a high school guidance counselor, but the lyrics kind of make me feel like anything is possible. And, ya know, I like that.

I discovered this tune through The Rickshaw Run series by JacksGap on YouTube. “In A Perfect World” was used at the end of the series’ final installment. It was a perfect fit for the ending of such a monumental and adventurous video series, and I highly recommend you give all 4 episodes a watch.

The lyrics are worth reading along to too, so I put ’em below.

If you keep your options open
There are places you will go
They will treat you like the kings and queens
your parents thought you’d be when you were born
You’d see it all, with your head up standing tall
and you’d look back and think it’s funny
how you spent your time and money

In this world
Living in this perfect world
Everyone can write a song.

Let me tell you mister
you should always talk to strangers
because you never really know the brilliant things that you might hear
like all of the fall of civilizations caused far off constellations
or we all aren’t really here, we’re just quantum sized good vibrations


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