#TuneoftheDay: Control by Matrix and Futurebound


Photo via Matrix and Futurebound Facebook

Photo via Matrix and Futurebound Facebook

#TOTD of January 8th: Control by Matrix and Futurebound ft. Max Marshall

For fans of: Devlin, Misha B, Disclosure

Do you ever hear a song for the first time and think, “Where the heckity heck has this song been all my life?” No? Just me? Alright, then…

Control by Matrix and Futurebound is one of those songs that cause me to ask myself that exact question. Matrix and Futurebound have been doing really well in the iTunes charts thanks to this single and it’s easy to imagine why. “Control” features singer Max Marshall and her vocals are fantastic on their own but the beat of the track really elevates them, which kind of makes this track perfect. Max does an acoustic cover of the song here, but it just doesn’t compare to the energy that the original version brings. Take a listen/watch in the video below!

Oh, and shout out to BBC Radio 1 for playing this tune so I had the chance to fall in love with it!


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