#TOTD: Happy by Pharrell


Karl Hab via Flickr

Karl Hab via Flickr

#TOTD of January 5th: Happy by Pharrell

For fans of: Disclosure, Tom Odell

Happy by Pharell is today’s #TOTD. I think I live under a rock because I had never heard this song until yesterday. But I think, in a way, that that timing is perfect. The new year is the time everyone makes those strict resolutions to get fitter, healthier, and (hopefully) happier. I think this is just the song to get you moving towards those goals. The 4-ish minute video is below, and the 24 hour music video (yeah, you read that right) can be seen here. The best parts of the video? Pharell’s amazing style, cameos by Kelly Osbourne and Steve Carrell, that one dude’s crazy afro and the teeny, tiny ballerina. Even though it’s a video filled with people dancing like no-one’s watching, it doesn’t feel at all cheesy or cliche. It kinda makes me want to get up and dance myself… Weird. I know.


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