#TOTD: Walk Off the Earth


Walk Off the Earth

#TOTD of January 3rd: REVO by Walk Off the Earth

For fans of: Neon Trees, Of Monsters and Men, Gavin Degraw

I was introduced to Walk Off the Earth by a friend a month or two ago. I didn’t really get into them until a few days ago, though. You’ve probably heard one of WOTE’s YouTube covers in the past because they are so. amazing. “REVO” is a feel good song with completely motivational lyrics which is exactly what I need during winter break. I highly recommend adding this to a workout playlist because it’s definitely a song that will get you in the zone. WOTE’s album “R.E.V.O” has many, many other catchy songs (“Gang of Rhythm” is another favorite), but the song “REVO” starts the album out on the best foot.


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