Most Magical Music Moments of 2013 ft. Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift & more!

Lets get a few things straight: I am a lover of alliteration (hence the title of this post) and some super awesome shit happened in music this year. Between Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Lorde and more, some magical (and maybe not so magical) things happened in 2013.


JT made a long anticipated comeback. Justin Timberlake made his way out of the musical woodwork this year and I am SO glad he did.  He released not one but TWO albums in 2013, “The 20/20 Experience” and “The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2.” And went on tour alongside JayZ. And announced 2014 tour. He even co-wrote 2 songs on Beyonce’s new album (I’m surprised the world didn’t explode when that collab happened, to be honest). Meanwhile, I spent most of this year being sad that I’m not Jessica Biel… Either way I’m just glad that JT is back in action, especially since he and Jimmy Fallon took over SNL on the 21st of December making me laugh until I cried.

Paramore finally released a new album. This year Paramore released their album “Paramore,” the first one since “Brand New Eyes” and went on the Self Titled tour. Everything Paramore did this year had me smiling like crazy. I’ve been a Paramore fan for about 5 years, but the stars never aligned so that I could see them live, until this year! Their new album is a lot about growing up and shaking off things that are keeping you down. It’s hard to pick a favorite on the album, especially since the video for “Still Into You” is so precise and wonderful, but I think currently “Proof” is at the top of my list. Seeing all these songs live in November solidified my love for them, and live music in general.

Taylor Swift sold out every single show on her North American tour. Yeah, that’s right, all 66 of them. She also won a Grammy, sold millions and millions of records and opened up a $4 million music education center in Nashville. I really would like to know/I need to know how Taylor Swift accomplishes all of this. I was lucky enough to attend two dates of The Red Tour and I was in awe both times. Taylor’s vocals aren’t spot on 100% of the time, but The Red Tour was beyond elaborate and magical. I say that as a 20-year-old college girl, but I’m not wearing Uggs and yoga pants so I think that makes my statement a bit more credible.

The Front Bottoms released a new album. Have you ever seen The Front Bottoms live? No? That’s a damn shame. These dudes have killer stage presence and put on the funnest shows. You know that one part of that one song a crowd sings at the top of their lungs? That’s what your entire night will be like when you see The Front Bottoms. Lucky for you they’re going on tour next year!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis did good. Remember how I said I like alliteration? Well I like music with a social message even more. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis blew up this year and released a ton of singles, but the best of them all was “Same Love” feat. Mary Lambert. The beginning of the song hits pretty hard, and having Mary sing on this track just sets the message in stone. Her vocals too are just amazing. If you haven’t heard any of her solo work, please get on it.

“Blurred Lines” took over the radio. Every single person you know, probably even your mom, was singing “Blurred Lines” this year. I hated myself at first for liking the song but then I stopped being a music snob and I gave in. And then I saw the video and I disliked it again. I’m quite obviously not Robin Thicke’s target audience but I’m just not really into sexist videos with gigantic balloons that proclaim the size of a dude’s penis. Over compensating, much?

Lorde released “Royals” and then proceeded to take over the world. When I first saw Lorde, I immediately liked her because she has crazy curly hair just like mine. And after I heard “Royals” I loved her even more. “Royals” has been completely overplayed (which is a bummer), but it’s still solid and so is the rest of her debut album. “Pure Heroine” is full of  relateable and fluff-free songs that I think only a teenage musician could create.

Miley did a lot of shit this year. In 2013, Miley did some super cool stuff (like her video for “Wrecking Ball”) and I was like “okay! yeah! u go gurl!” And then she just took things further and further (like using black people and dwarfs as props on stage, and that Terry Richardson photoshoot…). So after that, I was pretty much like “mmm no thanks.” Miley’s new album “Bangerz” got a ton of attention and Miley broke some VEVO records, so that’s great for her and everything, but it would cool if she toned it down a bit in 2014, yeah?

Beyoncè. Do I really need to say anything else? You already know that Queen B lived up to her title by secretly releasing her own Self Titled album with no promotion, no marketing, no nothing (and then just Instagrammed a picture of vegan cupcakes on the same day as if it was no big deal… like, what?). And she still broke records. Her new album is all about feminism and being imperfect and loving yourself and so much more. Do yourself a favor and listen.

Tons of other notable musical things happened this year, but these are the ones that stuck out to me most. I hope you all had a ton of fun in 2013, and here’s to the new year!

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