Best Last Minute Gifts for Your Faves

Picking out gifts is HARD. Sometimes I’m bad at it and sometimes I’m really great at it. I recently had to do a Secret Santa gift exchange and I was completely lost on what to buy at first, but I eventually found a good buy!

Here are some great last-minute presents that hopefully take some of the hassle out of your holidays!

No money? No prob! More often than not, I’m usually broke during the holidays… and pretty much any other time of the year. So sometimes it’s just better to make presents. I’ve made some pretty terrible gifts before, but some of them weren’t so awful!

  • Mixed CD. Compile a CD of your loved one’s favorite songs and then design the cover art for it. Make it in Photoshop, draw it on, collage it, or anything you want. Here is a tutorial for making your own CD sleeve!
  • Painted picture frames. Painting is fun, and it really doesn’t take much talent to paint some flowers or polka dots on a frame. Pop a picture of you and your loved one in the frame, add a bow and voila!
  • Baked goods! Everyone loves cookies and candies, especially during the holidays. Put ’em in a decorative cellophane bag and tie it with a bow, or in a cheap Holiday tin and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect pressie.

A little bit of money can be better than none! If you have a little bit if cash to spare, these gifts are just right!

  • Popular books. Know someone who hasn’t read “The Hunger Games” trilogy yet? Maybe “The Fault in Our Stars” or the photography book “Humans of New York”, too? Get ’em a book! The possibilities are endless.
  • Fave music. I know, I know – everyone buys MP3s or digital albums these days. But I still really love having a tangible piece of music to hold. Find out your friend or family member’s favorite musician and pick up a CD (used or new!) for them. And if you wanna be super hipster you could get even them whatever album they may want on vinyl or cassette. Need a music recommendation? No prob!
  • Coffee & tea. Almost everyone likes either coffee or tea. Hot coco is good too! Gift your loved one a small basket of coffee grounds, tea bags or homemade hot cocoa mix and you’re good to go.
  • Mugs. I love love love LOVE mugs and my collection is always growing. Everyone needs a good mug. Thrift stores have really cheap mugs, and a unique one shouldn’t be hard to find!

Whatever you do, just don’t buy your loved ones tube socks, okay?

Happy Holidays!!

P.S. This post could probably be alternatively titled ‘Things You Should Get Me For Christmas,’ sooo… hint hint, wink wink.


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