Festive Frocks from ModCloth

I don’t know about you, but I spend a good amount of time scrolling through ModCloth’s dresses and drooling over all the adorable designs. This time around I found a ton of dresses that would be absolutely perfect for holiday parties!

Feast your eyes on dresses you can wear to any holiday feast…


1. Poppy of Panache Dress – ModCloth // $62.99. 2. Oh So Flattered Dress – ModCloth // $59.99. 3. Fairest of Them All Dress. – ModCloth // $49.99. 4. Treasure Seeing You Dress. ModCloth // $94.99. 5. Silver Screen Chic Dress. ModCloth // $59.99. 6. That Magic Momentum Dress – ModCloth // $74.99. 7. The Pleasure is All Vine Dress – ModCloth // $49.99. 8. Conifer What It’s Worth Dress – ModCloth // $127.99. 9. Shimmer and Shine Dress – ModCloth // $64.99. 10. Dressed to Express Dress – ModCloth // $52.99

Pair with a cardigan or a blazer and some tights and you’re good to go!


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