“Daydreaming” over Paramore

I don’t think a music video has ever aligned so perfectly with my current interests than the video Paramore just released for their song “Daydreaming.”

The video was filmed during one of the band’s recent shows at the Wembley Arena in London during their sold out UK headlining tour. The song’s message mirrors the video in an incredibly eloquent fashion. In addition to the live performance aspect, Paramore weaved a secondary into the video as well. The story follows 2 girls who reunite to take a trip across the Atlantic to see Paramore in London. The adventure proves to be magical and eventful in every way, but also tests their bond. In the end, the pair mends their relationship and sees Paramore from a coveted front row spot (what a dream, right?!).

See for yourself:

I’ll be seeing Paramore on today (!!!) with a couple of my best friends, and I’m also in the process of planning a study abroad trip to the UK next summer. It’s like Paramore peeked inside my brain and then made a video out of it.

Seeing this video fills me with so much anxious excitement for the future. And after years of being a fan, I can’t wait to see Paramore tonight on the Paratour!


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