Lazy Oaf x Looney Tunes

We all have one or two in our closets, or maybe even a few stashed in a box in our attics. You know, those cartoon t-shirts we wore over and over again when we were kids. Maybe it had a picture of the Power Puff Girls on it or Barney; possibly even a Looney Tunes character.

The London based clothing brand, Lazy Oaf, has taken those old t-shirts, along with a pinch of nostalgia and cleverness, and created a collection in collaboration with Looney Tunes.

Lazy Oaf is a pop graphic, print based illustration label for men and women that is known for it’s loud and quirky printed clothes, accessories, stationary and more. You name it and they’ve probably printed an eye catching graphic onto it.

Their collaboration collection with Looney Tunes encompasses the entire classic comedy gang, from Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd to Daffy Duck and Taz.

Their classic faces are printed loudly on sweatpants, sweaters, shirts and jackets. More unexpected and out of the box pieces pop up in the collection as well.

Crop tops have been a very evident trend among girls this year, and even though winter is upon us, Lazy Oaf still threw a few of them into the Looney Tunes collection. It may not be weather-appropriate, but the bright yellow Tweet Tweet Cropped Sweater embroidered with Tweety Bird’s gigantic eyes and tiny beak is more than okay by me.

The collection also boasts two pairs of high-waisted leggings. One high-waisted pair, called the Cat Bird Leggings, feature Sylvester and Tweety Bird comically stretched on the length of each leg. A second high-waisted pair has Taz printed largely on the front and back, appropriately termed the Taztacular Leggings.

A subtler piece comes from the men’s collection and is deemed the Looney Emb Sweatshirt. While most of the Looney Tunes creations feature Lazy Oaf’s signature large, bold prints, this piece is much quieter. Here the character’s faces have been repeatedly embroidered, each about an inch tall, on a navy blue crew-neck. There’s even a pair of army green trousers with the same embroidery.

The cleverest piece in the collection, though, has to be the What’s Up Doc? Fur Coat. The coat is meant to mimic the head and face of Bugs Bunny – the majority of the coat has grey fur as Bug’s head, with white fur at the bottom for his cheeks and large eyes on the chest.

But the cleverness doesn’t stop at the clothing. Lazy Oaf’s Looney Tunes accessories are thoughtful as well. There’s a Daffy Duck bobble beanie, a Marvin the Martian snap back and even a duffel bag collaged with the characters, presumably to carry all of your Looney Tunes swag in.

If I had a liking for Looney Tunes, I would definitely be putting some of these pieces on my holiday wish list.

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