Why, Katy Perry? Why?

As a big fan of Katy Perry, I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat anxiously waiting for her the release of her new album. On Oct. 22, the wait was finally over when “Prism” hit stores.

Because I love Perry’s previous album “Teenage Dream” so much, I expected “Prism” to go above and beyond the level of talent she had showcased, both lyrically and vocally, on that album.

But Prism falls so far under my expectations that by the end of the album I was consoling myself with cookies and cream ice cream.

There are only 4 songs on the album that I really loved. All 4 tracks simultaneously showcase Perry’s trademark cheeky personality as well as her personal evolution. Each song, I noticed, also shows how relatable Perry can be.

“Unconditionally” was the first song on the album I found I enjoyed.  The music and lyrics fit together perfectly here, and Perry’s voice really fills the song with emotion. It also doesn’t hurt that the song is also catchy.

An 80’s inspired tune, “Love Me,” is my favorite on the album and the second track I enjoyed. By speaking of her insecurities, Perry makes herself transparent – but in a good way. She’s making herself more down to earth, which really gives the listener something hold on to.

“By the Grace of God” is the final song on the album. In this song, Perry seems to be reading right from her diary, instead of singing nonsense about partying and hanging out. While the beat of this song could be better, Perry’s honesty sits right on the surface. With this song, she ends Prism on a good note.

“International Smile” is a song that I was surprised I liked. This song bridges the lyrical gap between “Teenage Dream” and “Prism.” Lines like “She’s a little bit of Yoko. She’s a little bit of ‘Oh, no.’” remind me of her old single “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).” And as a fan of the movie “Almost Famous,” I truly appreciate Perry’s reference to Penny Lane in the beginning of the song.

Other songs like “Roar” and “Legendary Lovers” are certainly not ground breaking but fun to listen to nonetheless. There’s nothing surprising about “Legendary Lovers” but it’s obvious Perry is speaking from a personal experience here.

The remaining tracks, like “Double Rainbow,” “This is How We Do” and “Ghost,” are what make this album impossible to love. They’re so unoriginal and cliché that I had a hard time making it through them.

“Walking on Air” was another particularly awful choice. The song starts off as a dance track and veers off onto a completely different path when a gospel choir is thrown in at the end.

“Dark Horse” was also pretty intolerable. Not to be dramatic, but I would rather listen to the “I Knew You Were Trouble” goat scream non-stop for 6 hours than listen to this song ever again.

Another unbearable track is “Birthday,” which has enough cringe-worthy lyrics to spark second-hand embarrassment in any listener.

For just 4 okay songs, I would definitely not recommend purchasing “Prism.” You’re much better off listening to the album for free on Spotify.


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